Join us for a fun casual (challenging) ride every Friday morning.
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January 20, 2017

Wet and sprinkling. Small group. Started out with 1 at the corner, Justin joined in. So we met 6 on 5th and Mill. First ride for Logan, from the Bike Cellar, maybe Tims too.  Vlad in the pink kit Vlad the pink Kirk, but Vlad claims he left too early.  Vlad glowing pink Sprint- Vlad …

Friday, January 13

It was a fast ride back!  I was there to witness the massive torque on Aaron’s wheel as he passed everyone on the right going 30+.  There was two flats and one broken chain.  1.  Jack 2.  Jack 3.  Brett 4. Brett Sprint.   AW  – Aaron


!! The Friday Ride start’s from Daley Park at 6:00am , and picks up a big group on 5th and Mill around 6:05ish !!!  

Starting in Mayish !! We start at 5:30am and go from 4 to 5 hills for the Summer!

In Winter, we will do 4 hills!!