Join us for a fun casual (challenging) ride every Friday morning.
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February 24, 2017

Very chilly.  One if he last times to wear your toe warmers.   Great ride!! Meet at Starbucks even if you didn’t ride, like Juan did.   1. Rhys 2. Clint  3. Vlad 4. Kirk Sprint. Clint

February 17, 2017

I was out sick, so help me out with the stats if these are wrong.  Clint Sparks took a video of the sprint from the other bridge!!  Chalmers Guy in the Mark Taylor kit Kirk RJ Sprint  The guy in the Mark Taylor kit in the image below    

February 2, 2017

Why is the weather so beautiful!!!  Get out and have fun while it lasts…  you know it will probably get hot in 4 more weeks. Great ride, about 14 riders…  1 flat, many birthdays.  This weeks birthdays that I know of….  RJ Munoz, Joe Struttmann, Jay Rapson Joe Struttmann RJ Durrant AW Sprint –   …


!! The Friday Ride start’s from Daley Park at 6:00am , and picks up a big group on 5th and Mill around 6:05ish !!!  

Starting in Mayish !! We start at 5:30am and go from 4 to 5 hills for the Summer!

In Winter, we will do 4 hills!!