Join us for a fun casual (challenging) ride every Friday morning.
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April 21, 2017

Hope everyone has their taxes in. Nice and cool ride.  Justin broke away and made the light on McDowell.  We all cranked along but couldn’t catch up. Justin Vlad Brett Clint Sprint Justin

April 14, 2017

Sweeet weather! Big group Vlad Aaron Johnny Clint Sprint AW !!!  Aaron took it from the light on Curry

April 7, 2017

Great ride!!  two questions: Would Sagan have caught up with Gilbert if he hadn’t crashed? Would Johnny have really taken all the hills? (nice work Johnny and RJ!) Good to have Justin back(in USA)… hasn’t ridden since 1st week in January. Juanito showed up too!!  Anna met us at Starbucks!! Good times!!  Johnny Johnny Johnny …


!! The Friday Ride start’s from Daley Park at 6:00am , and picks up a big group on 5th and Mill around 6:05ish !!!  

Starting in Mayish !! We start at 5:30am and go from 4 to 5 hills for the Summer!

In Winter, we will do 4 hills!!