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Yo Friday Riders!
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Wednesday is Friday! November 26, 2014

don't bag your turkey like this

See the article for more info

Wednesday is Friday!!
Since we have a holiday this week, Thanksgiving, and there are epic rides going on the Friday after Thanksgiving, we do the Friday Ride on Wednesday, and add a few hills so that you can work off that extra food that your going to eat.  Yes you are.

!!  The Wednesday is Friday Ride start’s from Hoss’ house at 6:00am , and picks up a big group on 5th and Mill around 6:05ish !!!  

Memorial Ride to Highly Falkner

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This morning was a solemn ride.  Many of us were effected by the tragic passing of Highly this last Wednesday.  The news was bad that a biker had been hit and all bikers wondered who it might have been.  I was so shocked to hear that it was Highly.  He is such a good guy.  We all loved him and his impact was really felt this morning.  We rode slow and even skipped the 2nd hill and went and met at the budda.  We all slowly rode up the back side of 3 and stopped at the castle.  Hoss and Kimo shared a few words and we had a very quiet moment of silence for Highly.  There were no hard rides to win the hills and there was no sprint across the bridge.  There will be services on Tuesday and Wednesday but the plans are still in the works.  There is also a get together for Highly that Geoff and Laurel are hosting at 2638 E Silverwood Dr., Phoenix 85048, today at 5-8pm.  Contact Hoss for more info.

Highly Falkner Memorial “Silent Ride”
Sunday at 7:30am

Corpus Christi Catholic Church

September 19, 2014

2014-09-22 17.20.05 2014-09-22 17.19.56 2014-09-22 17.19.50 2014-09-22 17.20.08  The rain has recently carved out some serious dirt on Camelback Mtn.  We were all extra carefull going up an down them thar hills. One flat and one broken spoke, Hoss missed the shot.

Hill 1 –  Durrant  (got lucky on a light)
The Castle – Justin
Hill 3 – Brandon
Hill 4 – Justin
Hill 5 – Justin
Sprint – Justin

August 29, 2014

IMG_6267 IMG_6266 IMG_6265 IMG_6263 2014-08-29 05.42.32 2014-08-29 06.09.10
Hopefully you didn’t miss today…Today was soooo exciting!!   First off there was an ambulance that swung around Rio Salado and onto the bridge right about when we were going over the bridge. In the middle of the bridge there was a firetruck, police and another ambulance.  We caught a glimpse of a naked guy face down on the ground in cuffs as we rode by.  lol  Then on when going down Oak heading out there was a nice big landscaping trailer going fast but not fast enough to get behind.  Justin grabbed on and got away but then hit the light on Thomas.  There was a Ben-Horin sighting sporting a nice bug catcher.  Joe DeMars was finally denied on taking all the hills on hill 3, which was a huge relief to us all!!  He still killed us on hill 5.
There was a fast breakaway that started right off the get go when coming back.  Chuck and his daughter Lily were on the tandem going mach 5 along with two other riders when a little SUV going mach 5 tried to go around the roundabout at the same time as they were.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a tandem slow down so fast, defied the laws of physics….really. No one got hurt, no one went down, just the evil eye from the driver.
On the sprint Aaron and Durrant were out front just far enough to get behind a huge truck.  Aaron’s yelling for Durrant to catch it took all of his energy and Durrant caught it and went around to take the sprint.  No chairs and tables outside at Starbucks, employee took the keys home. We sat inside at the big table for once. Hoss made the shot indoors!!!

Hill 1 – Joe D.
The Castle – Joe D
Hill 3 – Craig
Hill 4 – Garrett
Hill 5 – Joe D.
Sprint – Durrant

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