Jan. 19, 2018

I missed it but they say Clint made a good run for the sprint. Justin was on his graveler making him mortal … ya, he still won the sprint.

  1. Greg
  2. Kirk
  3. Justin
  4. Clint



yes…  still alive and riding!  The Friday Ride is a little leaner in the cold months, but there is always a Friday Ride!

  1. Kirk
  2. Chuck
  3. Brett
  4. Justin
    Sprint Justin

PS:   This is what I’ve been working on..
Look for the time lapse video’s  – they are the best

Wednesday is Friday!

Rolling out early on Wednesday.  Same time different day!
Why? because of Thanksgiving and traditional Wednesday is Friday

BTW  there will be a few more hills

turkey day

October 6, 2017

Full moons are always cool to see in the morning.  Awesome weather!  good group.  dropped my light and it was ran over by the time I found it.
The biggest excitement was an ambulance and firetruck were waiting on the bottom of 56th when we were finished with all the hills.  Turns out there was a lady covered in a white sheet in an automatic wheelchair/bed that we saw on the way up.  The hikers called it in and the medic on the scene said that they took here in, she was incoherent, but had to leave the wheelchair/bed there told us to ride it out of there.  We laughed and declined.

1. Aaron W.
2. ?
3. Justin
4. Clint
Sprint  –  Johnny

Time change!

Winter hours are in effect!!

6:00 start time tomorrow!

Starting in winter !! We start at 6:00am and go from 5 to 4 hills for the Winter!

!! The Friday Ride start’s from Daley Park at 6:00am , and picks up a big group on 5th and Mill around 6:05ish !!!